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Paintings & Murals

I create paintings that explore themes of identity, queerness, gender, ancestors, spirituality, nature and magic. 

I create custom murals for community spaces that offer a portal into the energy of that community. 


Gender Expansive Ancestors 

This portrait series celebrates some of the most influential gender expansive humans in our history, using the painting to highlight their stories, their connection to their communities and land and to spirit. Often reveared medicine people or leaders who fought for their people and the preservation of their culture in the midst of colonization. 

Shadow Work

A series of paintings that explore looking at the things that scare me, being present with the parts of myself I don't like. Working through what feels negative in order to deepen my connection to my own power and magic.


Wyneva Land Mural

Custom mural for Wyneva Land, a healing arts space in Philadelphia.

Studio 34 Mural

Custom mural for Studio 34 yoga and healing arts, designed by me and painted by my self and 3 other artists, Jeremiah Jordan, Paige Chin and Stephanie Barrelle.

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