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Rosey Maple Herbal Teas & Prints

I'm excited to announce that I've started Rosey Maple an herbal tea and printmaking brand. I just finished the Build Your own Home Apothecary herbalism class with Kelly McCarthy & Mandy Katz last month. It's been such an amazing experience to learn about herbs & their ability to heal. When I started this course I thought about their healing more in terms of how they physically affect the body when you take them internally or apply them topically. I now realize their medicine comes also just through interacting with them. The feeling of connect to the Earth that comes with sticking your hands in the dirt. The quiet calm that seeps in when weeding, watering or harvesting. The questions that come to mind about being in right relationship with to Earth, being in right relationship with one another. Seeing 'common weeds' pop up all around us and realizing they are actually medicine. The ability to connect with my ancestors by learning about their herbal healing practices. This medicine is multifaceted, potent and deep. So of course my next thought is, how do I share this? & That's how Rosey Maple was born, named after the beautiful fuzzy pink & yellow Rosy Maple moth, native to the East Coast. I've created a line of hand printed notebooks that have a linoleum block print on the front and info about the herb inside. I've also been creating hand blended teas that are mostly good for the nervous system, as I feel we could all use some nervous system strengthening in these trying times. Strengthening the nervous system helps with feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety & depression. Its great for mental health and over all well being!

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