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Tea & Tunes

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first Tea & Tunes event, it was such a lovely space! I teamed up with my friend & amazing musician Marty Gottlieb-Hollis to create a space where folks could get cozy, be in community, drink tea and listen to live music. It was so nice to share the herbs in this way and I could feel them so present in the space. Marty's ethereal trumpet grooves really completed the atmosphere. It got me thinking about our collective healing. How being in community and sharing our talents is healing. How the vibrations of sound traveling through the body can provide healing just like the way these herbs can provide healing for us by just being in their presence. I used a lot of Tulsi in my tea blends. An herb that is an adaptogen, helping us adapt to stress. It's known for being calming and uplifting & I could feel it playing a crucial role in creating this sweet atmosphere. Stay tuned for details on the next Tea & Tunes!

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