Weekly Online Classes 

Practice yoga from the comfort of your own home through zoom, all you need is a yoga mat, a blanket or towel and any other yoga props you have

Slow Flow & Rest
Monday's 7:30-8:30pm est

Contact me for zoom link
Sliding scale $5-$25 

A blend of gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga poses, class will start with gentle stretches and end in cozy supportive yoga poses 
bring a yoga bolster or blankets

RISE Recovery
Tuesdays 6-7pm pst
at Everybody LA
This yoga class incorporates alignment, stretching, joint opening and self-massage to help your body recover from a workout and from day to day life.


*Dates & times TBD 

Contact me to book for your studio or organization

Restorative Yoga

Dive deep into relaxation through stillness and surrender. Cultivate a quality of spaciousness that allows stress and tension to melt away. Come reset by practicing soothing breathing techniques, cozy yoga poses and relaxing meditation. Nourish yourself, feel and heal!

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression 

Anxiety and depression are normal responses to the overwhelm we experience living in these times. Learn how to use yoga, breathing techniques and meditation to help cope with feelings of anxiety & depression. 

Trauma Informed Yoga for POC

In this class we will use yoga and breathing techniques as tools to help us cope with the impacts of trauma. Trauma is an experience that overwhelms the nervous system. As people of color we deal with the impacts of racial trauma, which can show up in our day to day and can be passed down through intergenerational trauma. As a result we must develop skills that can help us increase our capacity for resilience and help us heal these wounds in order to break these cycles of trauma. Yoga helps us bring our awareness internally so that we can understand what's being held in our bodies and how we can move through difficult emotions, release physical tension and understand what wellbeing feels like in our bodies and minds. We will move through a yoga practice that with active yoga postures to help release the activation that can be present when our fight or flight response is constantly triggered, then we will rest in restorative yoga poses that can help turn on our relaxation response which turns off our fight or flight response and allows our bodies and minds to heal and repair themselves.

Personal Yoga & Reiki Sessions

A personalized yoga or reiki session where we work together to create a session specific to your needs  

*Currently offering sessions online via Zoom


sliding scale for 1 hour session

Yoga: $50-$100 

Reiki: $45-$95

*$10 discount for QTPOC

For info on Yoga Privates or Reiki Treatments