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Rosey Maple Shop

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Rosey Maple apothecary offers hand blended herbal teas and herbal remedies that help support physical and emotional health. These blends highlight herbs that can be grown locally, highlighting the medicine that already exists around us. The herbs are sourced from Naima's garden or local farmers and are always organic. These tasty herbal blends are created to help people cope with the effects of our daily environments, helping with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as, heart health, digestive health and immune health. Rosey Maple aims to support people in partnering with herbs to ultimately help us connect with our ancestral healing ways and help repair our relationship with the earth, ourselves and each other. 

Rosey Maple also hosts herbalism classes, gardening classes and community events like Tea & Tunes, a garden tea party spotlighting local herbs and local musicians. As well as, community organizing projects like SHARE Herbs, a POC herbalist collective providing free herbal medicine to our community.
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