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Naima is an artist, yogi, herbalist, energy worker, teacher and curator based out of Philly. Naima is passionate about healing and building community. They believe that as we heal ourselves as individuals we help to heal the collective. Naima offers tactile experiences that help people heal through community, art, movement, music, herbs and energetics. 


Naima is a mixed media artist working primarily in painting, printmaking and photography. She teaches kids art classes, mainly offer process and experimental art as a way for kids to connect to the fun of artmaking. Naima is a yoga teacher who’s classes focus on alignment, gentle flows and rest. Offering classes such as gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga that can help folks slow down and deepen their connection to their bodies.  Naima is also a Reiki practitioner and offers reiki during yoga classes as well as personal reiki sessions to help folks find energetic balance and connect to their spiritual selves. Naima is an herbalist and started Rosey Maple Teas as a way to share herbal remedies through tasty teas. She also hosts the event Tea and Tunes, a tea part with live music as a space for folks to relax and heal through herbs and music. Naima also loves to garden, often growing the herbs used in her tea blends, and feels connecting to the earth is important medicine. She teaches herbalism classes that focus on connecting to ancestral medicine, the land we are on and the plants that are already growing around us in order to help folks be more resourceful and have tangible tools to support their own health and healing.


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Naima Merella
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