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About Us

Decolonizing wellness,
holistic healing for liberation of oppressed peoples,
trauma informed teaching for individual and social transformation.

Reclaiming our connection to our bodies, to our ancestral & spiritual practices, to nature, to creativity, to each other. 

massage therapy

I am a certified massage therapist offering
sessions that blend Swedish, Deep tissue and Myofascial Therapy. As well as blending Thai Massage and Shiatsu Massage. These sessions focus on relaxation, pain relief and increasing joint mobility. 


yoga classes

I teach accessible yoga classes, that focus on mindful movement, deepening connecting to your body, releasing tension, cultivating wellbeing, building strength, energetic balance,
play & rest. 



I started Rosey Maple teas in 2019. I make hand blended herbal teas, often grown in my garden, to help folks connect with how herbs can support our health and healing and deepen our connection to the environment.

I organize community herbalism projects like Tea & Tunes, a tea party with live music, the People's Medicine Garden, a BIPOC ancestral plant garden and SHARE Herbs, a mutual aid project providing free herbal medicine in Philly.


visual art

I create art that explores themes of identity, queerness, ancestors, spirituality, trauma and resilience. While painting, photography and printmaking are the mediums I use most, I mix medias to support the themes in my work.

I teach trauma informed art classes that urge students to experiment and enjoy the process of art making and use it was a way to process our experiences and move closer toward healing.

I paint custom murals at community spaces &
I curate community art shows.

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