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Massage Therapy


I offer trauma informed massage therapy that works with your body where it's at. Through the power of healing touch I aim to create healing space that helps people reconnect with their bodies, reduces pain and tension and supports rest and relaxation. This allows the body to do what it does best, heal itself and return to homeostasis. I believe in keeping communication open and providing a safe space so your body is able to relax and integrate the work. I use my love for anatomy to address the body as a whole and figure out the best way to relieve tension. Let's work together and tap into the power of healing through hands on practice.


I graduated from National Holistic Institute School of Massage. My CAMTC certification number is 94190. I have also completed a 30 hour Thai Massage training and a Reiki Level 1 & 2 training.

If you have any questions about which modality is best for you email me at



I offer a sliding scale for people with different incomes and access to wealth. 

Massage Therapy:

$100-$120  -  60 minute session 

$130-$150  -  90 minute session

Reiki Energy Work: 

$75-$100  -  60 minute session 

Tip is not included but is appreciated, industry standard is 20%

(email to inquire about discounted rates available for QTBIPOC)

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxation massage that supports stress relief, circulation and helps relieve muscle tension. Swedish massage incorporates long strokes, muscle kneading, compressions and rocking. I will also incorporate some elements of deep tissue, slower strokes with deeper pressure, targeting trigger points and adhesions and MyoFascial therapy, assessing range of motion in joints to target muscle pairs and support pain relief and increase range of motion.


MyoFascial Therapy

MyoFascial Therapy focuses on pain relief and improving range of motion in joints. This is not a relaxation massage but instead will involve open communication. Assessing joints range of motion and releaseing trigger points and adhesions to support pain relief by release chronic muscle holding. This modality is helpful after an injury or for chronic pain.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an Eastern Massage modality focus on addressing the energy pathways of the body. These sessions are done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. It uses deep compressions to relax the body and assisted stretching to help with range of motion in joints. This modality focuses on preventative care and overall wellbeing. Expect to leave feeling relaxed and balanced.


Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. These sessions focus on addressing the energetic body (spirit, life force energy, qi, ase, prana). I help to focus this energy to flow to the places in your body that need it most. This helps support energetic balance by settling the nervous system, allowing you to access deep which supports your body's ability to heal itself. These session assisting in energetic clearing, grounding and protection. Expect to leave feeling relaxed & restored.

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