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Rosey Maple Teas

All teas are hand blended, organic and locally sourced when possible

2 oz Tea Bags

Tea Flavors


Mauve tea feels like a warm hug! It's both calming and uplifting. Great for anxiety and depression. Tulsi and Anise Hyssop offer heart support and help up adapt to stress. Oat Straw helps support the nervous system. Rose and lavender are fiercely loving and help to find the balance of both opening and protecting our hearts.


Periwinkle tea is calming & cooling. Perfect for a hot summer day. Anise Hyssop offers us the ability to move through emotional stuckness. Lemon Balm and Spearmint are both cooling and calming yet uplifting. Skullcap and Catnip are great for stress relief and soothing head aches and muscle aches.


Indigo tea is a great sleepy time tea. The aromatics in Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Lavender help to turn on the body's relaxation response. Passionflower is a great sleep aid especially for those who struggle with spiraling thoughts before bed and it also helps with pain relief. This combo is sure to bring you deep rest.


Peridot Tea is the perfect pick me up! Yerba Mate offers a boost of energy and is balanced by the calming yet uplifting qualities of Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena and Mint. Mint and Lemon Verbena also help soothe any stomach discomfort that can come with caffeine intake. All together these herbs offer a brightening and inspiring blend that will help you acheieve any task at hand. 


Cold care tea is great for when your feeling under the weather. This blend helps to boost the immune system, it's anti-viral and decongesting. It will also help soothe a sore throat or upset stomach. Even with all these benefits this tea still offers a yummy flavor, just because you're sick doesn't mean you can't enjoy your medicine. 


Maroon tea is earthy, sweet and tangy. The perfect tea to make a hot toddy or enjoy it iced. Rooibos and Honeybush are two bush teas from Africa. Rooibos is high in anti-oxidants, nutrients, mineral and is anti-inflamatory. Honeybush helps boost the immune system and has soothing effects on the body. This tea is grounding, calming and supports healthy skin.


 $5 for 1oz bag or $10 for 2oz bag


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1 oz Tea Bags
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